Is it Asbestos?

In Australia, most homes and workplaces built before 1986 contain asbestos in some form. There are around 3000 different products containing asbestos.

Does your workplace have an asbestos register? An asbestos register is the minimum required under the Workplace Health and Safety Act 2012.

If you are not sure if asbestos is present in your workplace, then you need to have a risk assessment done and an asbestos register completed. Contact an A Class asbestos removalist or an occupational hygienist to carry out the work.

Testing for Asbestos

The best way to find out if it is asbestos is to have it tested by an occupational hygienist or A Class Asbestos Removalist.


Asbestos can commonly be found in:

  • Oven door seals, heaters and radiators, air conditioning ducts or behind stoves
  • Flues on gas appliances
  • Acoustic ceilings and ceiling tiles, roof tiles
  • Gaskets, Brake and clutch linings
  • Some paints and plaster and cement render
  • Fencing
  • Asbestos-cement electrical fuse boards,
  • Floors and brickwork, compressed asbestos panels for floorings
  • Fire door insulation, fire blankets
  • Insulation around the heating elements in hair dryers
  • Lift shafts
  • Mill board, cement sheets, pipe insulation, spray insulation, beams and slabs.


Asbestos products removed in Tasmania

Can you recognise these products in your home or workplace?

Asbestos chook shed Asbestos Chook Shed
Asbestos roofing panels Asbestos Roofing Panels
Asbestos Zimmerlite Powerboard Asbestos Power Board
Floor tiles with asbestos backing Floor Tiles with Asbestos Backing
Asbestos Flat Roof Asbestos Flat Roof
Asbestos Clutch Plate Asbestos Clutch Plate
Corrugated Asbestos Sheeting Corrugated Asbestos Sheeting